mazal is the owner of the unique boutique at Hottingerstrasse 6 in Zurich – Switzerland, designed with great passion and love for details. Her gallery stands for jewelry, fashion accessories, and lifestyle of unique design, quality and style.

mazal has worked with jewelry and accessories since 2005 and displayed at some of the most well regarded retailers in Zurich, such as Globus and Bongénie-Grieder. In 2010, she opened her own boutique – much to the delight of her numerous loyal clients. The shop, decorated with much love for art and detail, is located close to Shakespeare, Picasso, Giacometti, Chagall and other famous artists: Next to Mazal, there is Zürcher Schauspielhaus, and across the street lies the renowned Kunsthaus Zurich, where works by Edvard Munch will be on display until March 12, 2017, and works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner until May 7, 2017.

The boutique is seen as a gallery that showcases some of the most famous collections from high quality designers all over the world. mazal‘s boutique and her collections have been recognized by local newspapers and glossy international magazines such as Vogue and Faces feature models adorned with jewels from the esteemed creator. Since opening the boutique, mazal has explored her artistic abilities further and continues to bring together class and culture in a chic, classy and fashionable cataclysm of jewelled beauty. Shopping at mazal is an experience like no other. Her advice and jugment for the right piece to the right costumer, garantees upmost costumers satisfaction.

Every collection is formed with the utmost care and attention. The jewelry displayed in mazal’s boutique continues to wow customers and designers around the globe.


“I believe that a piece of jewelry can evoke a sense of joy at the perfection of its design and craftsmanship. In my shop I also look for perfection. The uniqueness of the different collections is distinguished by their harmonious combination.”mazal

mazal is a lover of the world. From the earliest age she was intrigued and inspired by other cultures and this has formed the basis of her work and life. In every piece she displays she aims to impart a philosophy to her customers. Each piece is individual, as are the customers that she serves and the cultures that she holds dear. Beauty and perfection are just the bare bones of the goals that mazal attempts to achieve every day. Each piece is handcrafted to not simply be beautiful but to also tell a story and represent an experience. It’s luxury jewelry reaching the highest heights of top quality.


mazal was always inspired by different cultures and ways of life. She lived, among others, in New York, for two years, where she was able to freely express her love for the arts, and her own artistic abilities.

When she finds the time, mazal likes to travel the world, always on the lookout for new collections. Her goal is to offer her customers more than just a piece of jewelry – shopping at mazal is a real experience!